Sakurai Sho @ Airport

Ok I just had to post this because Shochi is such a creature of habit, it’s amusing! On his return trip from Singapore and what he wore on arrival to London, he is carrying/wearing mostly the SAME items. I won’t be surprised if his inner white t is also the same :P Even the green checkered outer shirt looks familiar.


Backpack : ANCHI(アンチ)Daybag

Cap : YOSHINORI KOTAKE(ヨシノリコタケ)Trucker Cap

Shoes : LOUIS VUITTON Fastball Sneaker Boots

Pants : MONCLER GAMME BLEU Sweatpants

And 3 out of the 4 brands, he owns quite a bit i.e. LV bags, a series of Yoshinori Kotake caps and MGB winter coat that he wore for Vancouver. 

[Credit for London pic to the person who took it.]